We are sorry to inform you that EcoFish Tackle has closed. This business was sold to us as a healthy business but it has become obvious that it was run poorly and many previous customers either did not receive their products or received a product that wasn't what they ordered.  This appears to be intentionaly done by the previous owner, as was their deception towards us when we purchased the business.

We encourage all previous customers to file for a chargeback with their bank or credit card.  We greatly apologize for this but we cannot keep operating this business in good conscience and feel it is best to shut down completely.  We are deeply sorry and will do all we can from our end to make sure all chargebacks are immediately accepted so they are processed as quickly as possible.  All orders placed after August 4th were handled properly and you will be receiving your items.  All orders placed prior to August 4th, we encourage you to request a chargeback.  

EcoFish Tackle Closed